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December 4, 2016

To Tame the Untamable

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How to manage the unmanageable? That is the question. This natural thing is driving me up the wall. Every week I get a call from someone who wants to go natural. Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against natural hair, as long as it looks good!! Let us dissect being natural.

naturalhairIf naturally, you do not grow hair on your legs, then naturally, you do not need to shave them. If your legs are hairy, then naturally, they need to be shaved. If naturally, you have oily skin, then naturally, you do not need lotion. If your skin is ashy, then naturally, you need lotion. If naturally, you do not perspire then naturally, you do not need antiperspirant. If naturally, you do perspire, then naturally, you need deodorant. If naturally your breath stays fresh, then naturally, you do not need mouthwash. If naturally, your breath gets tart, then naturally, you need mouthwash. This natural thing is very hard to figure out. If your natural hair is a comb popping mess, maybe you should reconsider the natural.

There is nothing wrong with being in touch with your roots. Just make sure your roots feel good to the touch.

So my answer to everyone that is thinking about going natural is…. Natural hair is only pretty if you have pretty hair naturally.


  1. Sandra Goodman says:

    Most naturals I know does not care much about the beauty in going natural. They are more concerned with attaining the look as natural Africans do (you know, staying in touch with the “roots”). Plus it requires so much maintenance for those who doesn’t have manageable natural hair.

    • Rodney Barnes says:

      Sandra, thank you so much for your comment. I cannot agree with you more! My dream is for everyone to visit a professional salon for maintenance regardless of their hairstyle. Keep your comments coming.