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Q: Rodney, My daughter is 12, and her hair is becoming more difficult to manage. My question is, at what point would you suggest her getting a relaxer to make her hair more manageable?

shoptalkA: I’ve been asked so many times, over the years, at what age should my daughter receive a relaxer?  There are a few issues to consider before relaxing. First, how committed are you to bringing your daughter into a salon? With a relaxer you should be visiting a salon every 6-10 weeks, depending on her hair texture, to get it properly relaxed.


Second, how mature is your daughter? Will she keep sand out of her hair while playing on the playground, will she keep her friends from playing in it, and will she keep it from getting wet when she is in the shower or bathtub?


Only you know these answers. If you are committed and she has reached a level of maturity to take care of her hair, then the last issue to consider is her age. The average age for getting a relaxer is 10 years and up.


As a thank you for your question, I will be sending you a prescription for your daughter’s relaxer and hair treatment. Keep the questions coming.


Beth Harrison
New London, CT


Thank you readers from all over the country for submitting your questions. I look forward to hearing your hair concerns and presenting you with a solution.

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